Sharp Toner Cartridge Recharge Instructions

Sharp AL1600,1610,1620,1621,1640,1650,1670 (AL-160TD)
AR-160,161,200,200S,205 (AR-200TD)
digital copier/printers cartridge recharge instructions.

Materials required:

Phillips head screw driver
Needle Nose Pliers
Vacuum approved for toner removal
Safety goggles and breathing mask
610 grams correct Sharp toner
395 grams correct Sharp developer (every-other recharge)
Developer Blade (if necessary)

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1. Prepare a clean work area. Use protective gloves if desired.

2. Remove the waste chamber on the end of the cartridge by removing the three Phillips head screws. Empty any toner from this housing into the garbage bag, and vacuum clean.

If this is the 1st time the cartridge has been recharged or the first time the cartridge has been recharged after replacing the developer simply remove the LARGE plastic plug and while looking into the fill hole, turn the gear on the back of the housing counterclockwise to stop the toner hopper shaft at the vertical position, shake the bottle of toner several times, fashion a funnel from a sheet of paper and refill the cartridge. After refilling the toner reservoir replace the plastic plug and skip to instruction #11.
3. Separate the toner housing from the developer housing by removing the two screws on the clear plug side of the cartridge. Carefully separate the two halves.

4. Remove the developer from the developer unit by holding the unit at an angle and rotating the roller backwards. Vacuum the developer off the roller and rotate until clean. Be very careful not to damage the developer blade during this process. If the blade does become damaged, it should be replaced. Make sure that all of the old adhesive has been removed before installing the new blade.

5. Add the new developer into the auger area. Turn the auger/roller to distribute the developer. Wipe any excess developer from the foam seal around the developer housing before re-assembly.

6. Remove the fill plug from the toner supply. While looking into the fill hole, turn the gear on the back of the housing counterclockwise to stop the toner hopper shaft at the vertical position.

7. Shake the toner bottle well, pour the toner into the hopper, replace the fill plug. When filling the cartridge, some toner may come out by the feed roller. Wipe this toner up before re-assembly.

8. Attach the developer unit to the toner supply. Make sure that the two alignment pins on the gear side of the toner supply align with the two holes on the gear side of the developer unit.

9. Make sure that the developer blade is even and sits on top of the foam ends. Also make sure that the developer blade does not touch the magnetic roller.

10. Snap the two halves together, install the two screws.

11. Install the cleaned waste hopper making sure that the pins on the clear side of the chamber line up with the pin holes. Install the three screws.

12. Wipe cartridge clean

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