Sharp Toner Cartridge Recharge Instructions

Sharp AL1000,1010,1041,1200,1220,1250,1520,1521 (AL-100TD)
AR-150,F151,155 (AR-150TD)
digital copier/printers cartridge recharge instructions.

Materials required:
Phillips head screwdriver
220 grams correct Sharp toner
190 grams correct Sharp developer (every-other recharge)
Developer Blade (if necessary)
IC Connector (included)
Vacuum approved for toner removal
Safety goggles and breathing mask

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1. Prepare a clean work area. Use protective gloves if desired.

2. To begin, you must remove the black waste container located on the side of the cartridge. First remove the two screws located on the left and right side of the waste container and remove the waste container.

3. Vacuum out the waste container and wipe clean. Set the waste container aside.

4. Next, you need to remove the black plastic plate on the green handle side of the cartridge. Remove the two screws located on the right and center area of the black plate. Carefully remove the plate by swinging it upwards and sliding the tabs out of the holes on the cartridge. Be careful not to break the tabs on the top of the plate.
If this is the 1st time the cartridge has been recharged or the first time the cartridge has been recharged after replacing the developer simply remove the LARGE plastic plug, fashion a funnel from a sheet of paper and refill the cartridge. After refilling the toner reservoir replace the plastic plug and skip to instruction #12.

5. After removing the plate, you need to separate the toner hopper from the developer unit. Working on the same side as in the above steps, remove one screw near the small developer plug. Remove another screw located between the larger toner plug and the smaller developer plug. Carefully slide the upper toner hopper off of the developer unit.

6. Now that you have separated the two units, place the toner hopper on the work surface with the gear end on the surface and the plug side facing upwards. Remove the toner plug. Clean any excess toner from inside the toner hopper and around the toner exit area.

7. Replace the developer blade if necessary on the toner exit side of the cartridge. Be careful not to damage this blade.

8. You must also remove the used developer from the developer unit. Dump all the developer out of the unit. Holding the unit with the magnetic roller side facing you, turn the roller towards you to remove the developer from the roller. Vacuum the magnetic roller and auger lightly until clean.
IC Connector... Replace the IC connector chip on the back of the cartridge EVERY time you replace the developer IF the cartridge for your copier is so equipped. Not all copiers require the IC chip.
9. Now you must refill developer unit with new developer. Slowly add 190 grams of developer to unit. Holding the developer unit with the magnetic roller facing you, turn the roller backwards while you add developer to coat the roller making sure you form an even coat of developer on the roller.

10. Now carefully add 220 grams of toner to the toner hopper. Replace plug.

11. Reattach the toner hopper to the top of the developer unit by aligning the pin holes on each. Replace the two screws that hold the hopper to the dev. unit.

12. Reattach the green handle plate cover and reinsert two screws. Reattach the waste container unit with the remaining two screws.

13. Wipe cartridge clean

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