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Home : Sharp : Support : Drum Install 11 x 17

AR-162, AR-162S, AR-163, AR-164, AR-201, AR-207, AR-M160, AR-M162, AR-M162E, AR-M205, AR-M207, AR-M207E
Drum Replacement Instructions

Drum Replacement - Improper installation may damage the copier. Before disassembly, be sure to disconnect the power cord for safety.
1) Drum Unit

2) MC Holder unit

3) Cleaning Blade

4) Important.
   •Insure proper drum rotation by rotating the drum counter-clockwise (as viewed from the front)
   •If the drum does not rotate with reasonable effort the drum blade may need to be re-positioned or lubricated with a small amount of toner.

5) Drum counter re-setting.

First enter simulation mode by QUICKLY pressing the following keys in order:
AR-162, AR-163, AR-164, AR-201, AR-207
     Press: "Clear", "Interupt", "0", "Interupt" - Display Blanks / Simulation
AR-M160, AR-M205
     Press: "#", "Interupt", "Clear", "Interupt" - Display Blanks / Simulation
AR-M162, AR-M162E, AR-M207, AR-M207E
     Press: "#", "*", "Clear", "*" - Display Blanks / Simulation

   •Use quantity buttons to make display read "24". Press "Print" button. Machine will flash 00.
   •Use quantity buttons to make display read "07". Press "Print" button. Machine will flash 000
   •Press "Clear" - "Clear" - "Clear" - "Clear" and power machine off and back on.
   •Preform this procedure at you own risk. Incorrect entry of codes can disable machine requiring service call.

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