Sharp AR-168S, AR-168D Drum Replacement Instructions

Drum Replacement - Improper installation may damage the copier. Before disassembly, be sure to disconnect the power cord for safety.
1) Remove the drum cover. (4 Lock Tabs.)

2) Remove the drum fixing plate and the photo conductor drum.
   •Dispose the drum fixing plate which was removed.

3) Check the cleaning blade and the red felt for damage.
   •If there is damage, go to step 5
   •If there is no damage, go to step 12

4) Remove the main charger. (Cleaning the screen grid and the sawteeth.)

5) Remove the cleaning blade.
   •Dispose the cleaning blade which was removed.

6) Clean the cleaning section and the waste toner pipe to remove waste toner completely with a vacuum cleaner.

7) Remove the felt and duplex tape completely.
   •Be careful not to scratch or bend the sub blade.

8) Attach the cleaning blade.
   •Securely insert the plate section of the cleaning blade into the unit and fix it with a screw.
   •Do not touch the cleaning blade rubber with your hand.
   •When attaching the cleaning blade, press the cleaning blade in the arrow direction and attach.

9) Attach the felt.

   •Attach the mocket with slightly pressing section A of the cleaning blade.
   •Do not touch the tip of the cleaning blade.
   •Do not put the mocket under the cleaning blade.
   •Do not put the mocket on the sub blade.
   •Do not press the sub blade with the mocket.

10) Attach the main charger.
   •Securely set the MC holder on the projection of the process frame.
   •Securely insert two projections of the MC holder into the groove in the process frame.
   •When attaching the MC holder assembly, be careful not to make contact with the cleaning blade.

11) attach the drum fixing plate and the photoconductor drum. Apply grease to the inside of the photoconductor drum. (Diagram 2)
   •Attach the drum from (b). (Prevention against the sub blade edge breakage)
   •Attach the drum so that its position with the sub blade shown

12) Attach the detection gear.
   •The detection gear is not installed to the drum cartridge package with the main body. Add a new one.

13) Attach the drum cover.
   •After attaching the drum cover, do no make a copy
   •When attaching the drum cover, engage the detection gear 20T rib with the 30T gear rib, and attach the drum to the process frame.)

14) Important.
   •Insure proper drum rotation by rotating the drum counter-clockwise (as viewed from the front)
   •If the drum does not rotate with reasonable effort the drum blade may need to be re-positioned or lubricated with a small amount of toner.

15) Drum counter re-setting.
   •On some machines it may be necessary to re-set the drum counter. Follow these instructions EXACTLY.
   •Press "#" - "*" - "Clear" - "*". Machine will blank off.
   •Use quantity buttons to make display read "24". Press "Print" button. Machine will flash 00.
   •Use quantity buttons to make display read "07". Press "Print" button. Machine will flash 000
   •Press "Clear" - "Clear" - "Clear" - "Clear" and power machine off and back on.
   •Preform this procedure at you own risk. Incorrect entry of codes can disable machine requiring service call.

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