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FO-6700 Fax Specifications & Details
(MSRP $2,395; mfr. discontinued 2002)
Equipped with Super G3 modem technology, the Sharp FO-6700 can transmit documents at an amazing two seconds per page, offering you the ultimate in productivity for office or workgroup. And with JBIG compression, page data can be encoded more especially when sending halftone images resulting in crisp, clear transmissions.
PDF FO-6700 Brochure PDF FO-6700 Users Guide & Owners Operation Manual

Consumable Supplies
Type 2 componet system: toner developer cartridge and drum
Supply Code: Supply / Yield Add to Cart FO-47ND: Toner / 6,000 ($93.18)
Add to Cart FO-47DR: Drum / 20,000 ($75.08)
FO-45UNIK: Verif. Stamp Ink Pad (2/bx) (NLA)
Options & Accessories
Model Code: Accessory FO-53ABD: Cabinet Stand (mfr. discontinued)
FO-45VS: Verif. Stamp Mechanism (mfr. discontinued)
Routine Replacement PartsCheck HERE to find other Genuine Sharp Parts
Sharp Parts
Part Code: Description
0KW4122035403: Fuser Heat Unit (mfr. discontinued)
0KW4122035201 replaced by 0KW4122035403.
Add to Cart 0KW4109410301: Transfer Roller ($85.66)
Add to Cart 0KW4122039103: Transfer Unit w/Roller ($589.66)
0KW4122039102 replaced by 0KW4122039103.
Add to Cart 0KW4109053103: Laser Unit (LSU) ($215.66)

 FO-6700 Details
 FO-6700 Quick Specs
33.6 modem
2 second transmission speed
2 second scan speed
Quick dial access
JBIG compression
Full Dual Access
Duplex Scanning/Sending
30 Personal Auto-dial Phone Books with 64 coded numbers in each
Memory Retransmission
Secure Telephone Billing Code
Priority Send
Fax separator feature
Confidential Reception
 FO-6700 Key Features
1,250 standard paper capacity, 1,000 letter/250 letter/legal
48 Rapid Dials
200 abbreviated (speed) dialing keys
4MB standard memory capacity (240 pgs)
Optional 4, 8 or 12 MB add-on memory for a total capacity of 16MB (960 pages)
Optional dual line kit
Broadcasting to 268 locations
 FO-6700 Fax Specifications
Scanning Method CCD
Quick Scan speed 2spp
Recording Method LASER
Coding System JBIG
Modem / TX Speed 33.6Kbps / 2spp
Print/Quick Scan 8ppm / 2spp
Max Tx Resolution 203x392 DPI
Grayscale/Halftone Levels 64 levels
Paper capacity 1250
Document Feeder 50 Sheets
Man/Min Original Size (inches) 11x39 / 5x5
Max Paper/Print Width (inches) 8.5 / 8
Effective Scanning Width (inches) 10.1
One-Touch Dialing Keys 48
Speed Dialing Codes 200
Max Numbers Stored 248
Personal Auto-Dial Phone Books 30 bks at 64 stations ea.
Group Dialing / Numbers 48 / 94
Program Keys 48
Department Codes 30
Dual Access Yes
Dual Line Optional
Polling/Locations Yes / 268
Verification Stamp Optional
Timers 48
Confidential Transmit/Receive Yes / 10 boxes
Memory - Standard / with Options 2MB / 16MB
Document Memory Backup Yes / Flash
Batch File Transmission 56 files
Broadcasting 268 destinations
Inbound Fax Routing Yes
Scan to E-Mail No
PC Printing Optional
Print Speed / Resolution NA
PC Faxing No
PC Scanning No
Weight 55.1 lbs.

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