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FO-5600 Sharp
FO-5600 Fax Specifications & Details
(MSRP $1,995; mfr. discontinued 1999)
Truly, the Sharp FO-5600 is an easy-to-use fax machine that also doubles up as a high-resolution printer. This device is perfectly suited for daily scanning, copying, and printing needs of your home or small office business. This multifunction solution features customizable easy-to-use functions and features that facilitate printing high-resolution graphics and sharper text.
PDF FO-5600 Users Guide & Owners Operation Manual (use FO-4500)

Consumable Supplies
Type 2 componet system: toner developer cartridge and drum
Supply Code: Supply / Yield Add to Cart FO-45ND: Toner / 5,600 ($73.50)
Add to Cart FO-45DR: Drum / 20,000 ($67.69)
FO-45UNIK: Verif. Stamp Ink Pad (2/bx) (NLA)
Options & Accessories
Model Code: Accessory FO-53ABD: Cabinet Stand (mfr. discontinued)
FO-45VS: Verif. Stamp Mechanism (mfr. discontinued)
Routine Replacement PartsCheck HERE to find other Genuine Sharp Parts
Sharp Parts
Part Code: Description
Add to Cart 0KW0992048203: Fusing Fuser Heat Unit 120V ($304.66)
Add to Cart 0KW0992420101: Transfer Unit w/Roller ($104.66)
Add to Cart 0KW0992039108: Transfer Unit w/Roller ($132.66)
0KW0992039101 replaced by 0KW0992039108.

 Sharp FO-5600 Fax Details
Year 2000: Y2K Compliant
Applicable Telephone Line: Public switched telephone network (PSTN)
Compatibility: ITU-T (CCITT) G3 mode
Configuration: Half-duplex desktop transceiver
Compression Scheme: MH, MR, MMR
Memory Size*: 1 MB (approx. 50 pages with ECM off)
Memory Option: 1 MB (approx. 64 pages) 2 MB (approx. 128 pages) 4 MB (approx. 256 pages)
Scanning Method: Flatbed, solid-state CCD
    Horizontal: 203 lines/inch (8 lines/mm)
    Vertical: Standard: 98 lines/inch (3.85 lines/mm) Fine/Halftone: 196 lines/inch (7.7 lines/mm) Superfine: 392 lines/inch (15.4 lines/mm)
Printing Density:  
    Horizontal: 404 lines/inch (15.9 lines/mm)
    Vertical: 396 lines/inch (15.5 lines/mm)
Reception Modes: Auto/Manual switching
Modem Speed: 33,600 bps with automatic fallback
Transmission Time*: Approx. 3 seconds
Input Document Size:  
    Automatic feeding: Width: 5.8 to 11" (148 to 280 mm) Length: 5.0 to 14.3" (128 to 364 mm)
    Manual Feeding: Width: 5.8 to 11" (148 to 280 mm) Length: 5.0 to 17.0" (128 to 432 mm)
Paper Size: Width: 8.5" (218 mm) Length: 11-14" (280-356 mm)
Paper Capacity: 650 sheets standard; additional 500 sheets optional
Automatic Document Feeder: 50 sheets max.
Effective Scanning Width: 10.1" (256 mm)
Effective Recording Width: 8.2" (203 mm)
Copy Function: Single/Multicopy/Sort-copy (99 copies/page)
Telephone Function: Standard
Halftone (gray scale): 64 levels
Power Requirements: 120 V AC, 60 Hz
Operating Temperature: 50 - 86F (10 - 30C)
Power Consumption: Stand-by: 10 W, ENERGY STAR Compliant Maximum: 400 W
Dimensions: Width: 27.2" Depth: 23.4" Height: 18.2"
Weight: 48.4 lbs.

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