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Sharp Copier and Fax Laser Units
Entire and Complete Laser Assembly
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Sharp Parts $15.77 per order
Usually 2nd Day
Any quantity mix and match OK
Alaska and Hawaii Included

Brand New & Genuine SHARP®

What Sharp laser unit are you looking for?
Sharp Laser Units for 11 x 17 Copiers
Sharp Laser Units for 8.5 x 14 Copiers
Sharp Laser Units for Color Copiers
Sharp Laser Units for Fax Machines

Please note: All sales of laser units are final - NO RETURNS

Laser Units for 11 x 17 Copiers
Laser Unit for the following Copiers:
(Fix for error trouble code L6 sub-code 10 polygon motor lock)
AL-1600, AL-1610, AL-1620, AL-1621, AL-1640, AL-1650, AL-1670
AR-160, AR-161, AR-162, AR-162S, AR-163, AR-164, AR-200, AR-200S, AR-201, AR-205, AR-207
DM-2000, DM-2005, DM-2010, DM-2015
DUNTK0041RS52 = DUNTK0041RS14 = DUNTK0185RS11 $175.66 Qty.
see tech bulletin AR-162-031R

AR-M160, AR-M205
DUNTK0343RSZZ $175.66 Qty.

AR-M162, AR-M162E, AR-M207, AR-M207E
DUNTK0343RS12 $142.66 Qty.

DUNTK0185RSZZ = DUNTK0185RS50 $186.66 Qty.

AR-M236, AR-M237, AR-M276, AR-M277
DUNTK0384RSZZ $186.66 Qty.

AR-M280N, AR-M280U
DUNT-7093DS15 - $324.66 (mfr. discontinued)

AR-250, AR-281, AR-286, AR-336
DUNT-6984FC21 = DUNT-6984DS51 $589.66 (mfr. discontinued)

AR-280, AR-285, AR-335
DUNT-6984FC22 = DUNT-6984DS52 $509.66 Qty.

AR-351N, AR-M351U, AR-M355N, AR-M355U
DUNT-7093DS17 $266.66 Qty.

AR-451N, AR-M451U, AR-M455N, AR-M455U
DUNT-7093DS18 $266.66 Qty.

DUNT-7093DSZZ $148.66 Qty.

DUNT-7093DS11 $148.66 Qty.

Laser Units for 8.5 x 14 Copiers
Laser Unit for the following Copiers:
(Fix for polygon motor lock error)
AL-1215, AL-1245, AL-1530CS, AL-1540CS, AL-1551CS, AL-1631, AL-1641CS, AL-1642CS, AL-1651CS, AL-1655CS, AL-1661CS
AR-122E, AR-151 (NOT F151), AR-152E, AR-153E, AR-157E
DUNTK0446QSZZ = DUNTK0446QS11 $148.66 Qty.

AL-1340, AL-1451, AL-1551
AR-150, AR-150E, AR-150N, AR-151, AR-155, AR-155N, AR-156, AR-F151, AR-F152
DM-1500. DM-1505
DUNTK0013QS11 $159.66 Qty.

AL-1556, AL-1566, AL-1566, AL-1556, AL-1651CS, AL-1655CS, AL-1661CS
AR-168D, AR-168S
DUNTK0446QSZZ replaced by DUNTK0446QS11* $142.66 Qty.
* MUST use DHAI-0492QSZZ cable if upgrading from DUNTK0446QSZZ LSU
DHAI-0492QSZZ LSU CABLE $15.66 Qty.

AL-2020, AL-2030, AL-2035, AL-2040, AL-2040CS, AL-2050, AL-2050CS, AL-2060,
AR-208S, AR-208D
DUNTK0645QSZZ replaced by DUNTK0645QSZ1 $175.66 Qty.

DUNTK273DXHZZ $175.66 Qty.

Laser Units for Sharp Color Copiers
Laser Unit for the following Color Copiers:
(Fix for polygon motor lock error)
AR-C100, AR-C150
DUNT-6987FC11 = DUNT-7118FC11 $458.66 Qty.

AR-C160, AR-C270, AR-C280
DUNT-7118FCZZ = DUNT-7118FC11 $458.66 Qty.

Sharp MX-2600, Sharp MX-3100
DUNT-8064DSZZ $509.66 Qty.

Laser Units for Sharp FAX Machines
Laser Unit for the following Fax Machines:
(Fix for polygon motor lock error)
FO-4400, FO-4450, FO-4470, FO-DC500, FO-DC525, FO-DC535, FO-DC600, FO-DC635M
0KW4571053601 = 0KW4571075200 $266.66 Qty.

FO-4500, FO-5500, FO-5600, FO-6500, FO-6550, FO-6600, UX-5000
0KW0992053306 = 0KW0992053901 = 0KW0992053902 $248.66 Qty.

FO-4650, FO-4700, FO-4970, FO-5550, FO-5700, FO-5800, FO-6700
0KW4109053103 $215.66 Qty.

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